A New Development

Got a few rolls of film developed late last month. Here are some of the best shots from them



13A Photo Book

Here’s my finished photo book. Honestly it turned out better than I anticipated. This was a fun project to put together and it really challenged me in a different way because creating and designing book spreads and layouts is not my forte. All in all this was a great experience and I enjoyed the process

This book was designed using InDesign, and the photos were edited using Photoshop. It was printed through SnapFish and I’m very pleased with the quality. It turned out better than I could’ve imagined.


12B Photo Contest Entries

So I submitted to some contests on gurushots and I chose self portrait, and the newbie sections as seen in the screenshot below. I chose self portrait because I’m a narcissist and I like the photos I took of myself, and I chose the newbie section because I could post whatever photos I wanted. I posted 4 or the 5 pictures in my 5 best photos post because they’re photos I could use. Pretty straight forward, and I posted them 8 July 2017 because it’s an assignment.

Above are is the screenshot from the contest page, and a few photos that I submitted to the contests.

12A Fine Art

So honestly when I took this photo I was out in the dunes just messing around with a couple friends of mind and I saw this receipt in the distance and was like dang someone littered better go pick it up. When I got up to it though I ended up just taking a few photos of it like the one above because I was like wait that looks kind of cool. I think I was drawn to the isolation of it, the sense of it being forgotten or just how it was this single paper in the middle of a huge mass of sand. We weren’t just in at the edges of the dunes and went in a little further so the receipt, I assumed, had been blowing around the area for awhile. It was incredibly windy and gusty that day so even your foot prints in the sand would be gone in say, 10 minutes. Because of that, everything moved around and shifted quickly.

I liked this photo because it was simple and was a ‘spur of the moment’ type of thing. It’s unedited, and printed unedited as I prefer images in their most natural state if possible.

11A Composite Image

So I had a really difficult time figuring out what to do, and I figured I’d do something like a double exposure. This is actually a combination of 4 photos. I just had some film developed so the photos of inside of his head are actually 2 different photos from the film I had gotten developed. The photo of the dirt road was taken earlier this semester when me and a friend had gone exploring out in the styx of Idaho. All photos were in color and so I turned them black in white for the sake of color matching, and I guess you could say “dramatic effect”.

Original Unedited Photos:

8C Themed Photos

Fine Art Template

Themed Photos

At first I was going to do outhouses or the way light reflected out of windows, but the shots just looked so so boring so I went with the decaying walls. I liked them because they’re all so different, but also I like how I could frame the images. I really like straight on centered shots, and so this allowed me to do that.

Title and Body are both Sukhumvit Set